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The Truth about Courtney

The $100 Million Error

In an Opinion piece published by the Appeal-Democrat on February 1, 2022, paid Activist for Glad Tidings Church, Ms. Ortega made false claims, provided misleading information and inaccurate statistics, including a $100 MILLION DOLLAR error when referencing the county's unfunded pension liability!  Read the full opinion piece below:

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Chico Police Cite Women

Chico police identify , cite 3 women who disrupted April 20, 2020 city council meeting.


"Three women who disrupted an April 20 Chico City Council meeting and stayed in council chambers, later prompting Mayor Andrew Coolidge to adjourn the meeting, have been identified and cited for misdemeanors.

The Chico Police Department said the three women are Diana Dreiss, 67, Mary Lorene “Lori” Harris, 64, both Chico residents, and Courtney Allen, 29, a Yuba City resident.

Two of the three have been cited and a warrant has been submitted for the third on suspicion of violating California Penal Code Section 403, which reads, “Every person who, without authority of law, willfully disturbs or breaks up any assembly or meeting that is not unlawful in its character, other than an assembly or meeting referred to in Section 302 of the Penal Code or Section 18340 of the Elections Code, is guilty of a misdemeanor.” - Excerpt from article in the Chico Enterprise-Record published 5/5/2020.

Chico police identify, cite 3 women who disrupted April 20 city council meeting – Chico En

DUI & Illegal Drug Charges

Ms. Ortega (then Ms. Allen), was charged with and convicted of a DUI after she was found driving a vehicle the wrong way down a one-way street.  

Ms. Ortega also has illegal drug possession convictions and multiple arrests and citations on her rap sheet.

Police Cars

Exposing the $100M Error

"In her article, Ms. Ortega states that the County owed $270,000,000 in “debt due to our public servants’ retirement funds.”  The most recent CalPERS valuation from June 30, 2020 shows the County’s unfunded pension liability as $178,010,797, nearly $100 million less than Ms. Ortega’s claim.  That is a discrepancy in her figures of nearly $100 MILLION DOLLARS!


Had Ms. Ortega done her due diligence, she would know that CalPERS’ investments experienced unprecedented investment returns greater than 21% in 2020-2021. As a result, Sutter County expects its 2021 valuation will show a substantial liability reduction."  -Exerpt from Letter to the Editor published by the Appeal Democrat on February 4, 2022, written by Tom Walther addressing Ms. Ortega's catastrophic calculation error. 


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Ties to Q-Anon

"Ortega said she is a member of the Yuba-Sutter Freedom Coalition, which meets at the Church of Glad Tidings in Live Oak and has videos on its site shared by many in the QAnon conspiracy theory movement. The coalition also has hosted several speakers loosely associated with QAnon, including Bishop Leon Benjamin, former General Michael Flynn and others.

QAnon is a general term for a set of internet conspiracy theories that allege, falsely, that the world is run by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles, according to a recent New York Times overview of the movement.

“QAnon followers believe that this cabal includes top Democrats like President Joseph R. Biden Jr., Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros, as well as a number of entertainers and Hollywood celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres and religious figures including Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama,” the New York Times reported. “Many of them also believe that, in addition to molesting children, members of this group kill and eat their victims to extract a life-extending chemical called adrenochrome.”

The group also has branched out with other unproven claims such as the belief that John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive.

What once was considered to be a fringe movement has recently garnered more mainstream attention after those who identified themselves as members of QAnon took part in the storming of the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and have been charged with violent crimes, including kidnappings, assassination plots and the 2019 murder of a mafia boss in New York, the New York Times reported." - Exerpt from article in the Appeal-Democrat published 3/11/2022.

QAnon conspiracy theory - Q symbol on faceless person wearing black hoodie.jpg

Lived here less than 2 years

Ms. Ortega purchased her home in District 2 just 1 year and 10 months ago (6/19/2020).  How well does she really know District 2 and Sutter County?

Moving House
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