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District 2 is considered "The City District" because it is primarily comprised of businesses and households in the City of Yuba City.


Roughly, the district boundaries are from the North - Queens Avenue South to Lincoln Road and from the West - Hwy. 99 to the Feather River on the east side of the District.


District 2, by footprint is the smallest in square mileage of all of Sutter County's districts, but that is because it is the most densely populated.  

I like to say that this District is truly the "heart of Sutter County."





Sutter County's District 2 is different from other districts in the County because of its dense population of not only residents, but businesses.  The downtown Plumas Street Shopping District as well as the manufacturing businesses located in the Burns/Hassett Drive area, are part of what makes this diverse district great!


Since District 2 is not rural, but rather more urban, the issues that are important to our residents, sometimes vary from the rest of Sutter County.  Safe routes to school, affordable housing, infrastructure improvements, quality of life, an most importantly - public safety, are priority one to our residents.


I strive to be the voice that represents the issues that are important to you in our District.  If you would like to discuss an issue with me, I strongly encourage you to contact me!  



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